We are delighted that you are considering Baptism for you child, and want to assure you of our help, support and encouragement. Here are the details of how we prepare parents and godparents for this important occasion. 

‘Preparation Evening’ for Parents and Godparents

Sometimes “the Church” does not prepare parents and godparents for the Baptism service in a satisfactory way. The result can be very different expectations on the part of the parents and the Church, leading to confusion and disappointment. Our Baptism Preparation Evening is designed to give the opportunity for you to see your Parish Church and meet some of its members, and for us to explain what Baptism is all about. There will be time for questions, and we hope you will enjoy the evening! All parents want the very best for their children; and so do we! That is why we believe it is important that all parents (and those they would like to be Godparents, if they are already chosen and live locally) attend our preparation meeting. 

Led by the Vicar: 

  • We will show you around the Church buildings, explaining the different ways we can help you in the ongoing task of encouraging your child in the Christian faith. 

  • We will carefully explain what Baptism is, who Baptism is for, and what Baptism promises involve. 

  • We will also tell you about the option of having a service of Thanksgiving for your Child, which requires no ongoing promises or commitment from parents. Some parents may wish to consider this instead of Baptism. 

After the meeting has finished, we will ask you to consider all that has been said, and then contact us to say whether you wish to proceed with Baptism or a Thanksgiving Service. At that point, we will arrange the date with you. We hope that there would usually be more than one family at the Preparation Evening, but this depends on demand, and, often, the time of the year. We conduct most of our Baptisms between April and October.

Please contact Rev Stephen Liley if you would like to take things further.



Confirmation is a service where those who have been baptised, as children or adults, take a significant step forwards in their faith and commitment to Jesus Christ and his church. For those baptised as children, they take on the promises for themselves that were made for them by parents and godparents. 
Confirmation Services happen about once a year when the Bishop comes to lead a special service. Those being confirmed are given some preparation, to make clear the faith of Jesus Christ, and to think through the meaning and significance of receiving the bread and the wine at Holy Communion services. 
At Clapham Parish Church , there is no automatic age at which a young person will be confirmed; we wait for them to approach us before taking it further. Obviously for an adult the process can be quite quick if they have made a commitment to Jesus Christ and want to commit themselves to the church in our parish. 
Please contact Rev Stephen Liley if you would like to take things further.

Exchanging Rings


Congratulations if you have recently become engaged and wish to be married at Clapham! 
The first thing to do is speak with Rev Stephen Liley to see if this is going to be possible, and to talk through dates. 
If you live in the village or worship at the church (and are on the church’s Electoral Roll) then there should be no difficulties about getting married in church. If however, one or other of you has been married previously, we don’t offer remarriage at Clapham Parish Church. If you would like to talk this through, then do please talk to Stephen.
For those of you who do not live in the village, but you or your parents once did, then it still may be possible to qualify to have a wedding in our church. Alternatively, if you are baptised (Christened) and attend our church regularly for six months, you are then able to join the Electoral Roll of the church and so have the right to marry with us. 
Please contact Rev Stephen Liley if you would like to take things further.



The loss of a loved one is one of the most traumatic experiences we can have as human beings. We are here to help you through this time.
The first thing to do is appoint a Funeral Director (an Undertaker), who will then “undertake” your wishes in arranging the funeral. They will contact Rev Stephen Liley to secure a date and a time which is convenient to you and to him, and then make all the arrangements for this to take place. 
It is important to remember that even if the service involves a cremation, that you can have a service in church before this, or afterwards if that suits you better. We are always happy to make the church available for a Christian ceremony as well as conduct the Committal at Norse Road Crematorium. 
For those connected to Clapham itself, a burial may be possible in a family grave in the churchyard, or alternatively in the Clapham Cemetery which joins on to the churchyard (the area between the water tap and Green Lane. For clarification on Cemetery spaces, please contact the Secretary to Clapham Parish Council, Ann Paice, on 01234 346366. The church also has a Garden of Remembrance on the north side of the building, where ashes can be interred, but no gravestone or plaque is permitted here. Instead, a name and details are entered in a Book of Remembrance in the church. 
If you have any concerns, do please contact Rev Stephen Liley if you would like to take things further.